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BOXX Debuts 4880 XXtreme Workstation with New NVIDIA Quadro 5000

By DE Editors

BOXX Debuts 4880 XXtreme Workstation with New NVIDIA Quadro 5000

BOXX Technologies demonstrated the 3DBOXX 4880 XXtreme workstation, a new performance-enhanced addition to its 3DBOXX 4800 Series, at SIGGRAPH 2010.

“This is a groundbreaking addition to our 3DBOXX 4800 Series,” says Shoaib Mohammad, director of Marketing and Business Development at BOXX. “An increased power supply and four new NVIDIA Quadro 5000 GPUs take 4880 XXtreme beyond creative applications to also provide maximum, professional performance for rendering apps like Bunkspeed, V-Ray, and others, eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating your workflow like never before.”

With a six-core Intel CoreTM i7 processor capable of reaching 4.15 GHz, the liquid-cooled 4880 XXtreme features up to 8 virtual cores of performance for 3D/2D animation, modeling, compositing, visualization and motion media applications. XXtreme’s inclusion of four new NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics plus compute GPUs (with support for seven in all) creates a “visual supercomputer,” according to the company.

“The breakthrough performance of the newest NVIDIA Quadro solutions give users the ability to create models and scenes that are five times more complex, while still enabling true interactivity for animators and VFX artists,” says Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA. “Integrating the Quadro line in the 3DBOXX 4800 Series delivers a serious performance advantage when running modern applications such as Adobe CS5 and Bunkspeed SHOT, by leveraging the CUDA parallel processing architecture of NVIDIA GPUs.”

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