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The editors of Desktop Engineering magazine are considering yourpress release for publication either in print, online, or in “Editor’sPick of the Week”.

Every week, the editors of Desktop Engineering (DE) sort through dozensof new product announcements and select only a handful that can becovered both in print and online.If your product is chosen for “Editor’s Pick of the Week,” it isfeatured in a special e-mail announcement with a product photo,descriptive copy, and a link to your web site. The “Editor’s Pick ofthe Week” e-mail is sent to 42,500* recipients every Wednesday.Since your product may be chosen for new products coverage, yourcompany can sponsor an “Editor’s Pick of the Week.” By sponsoring”Editor’s Pick of the Week” you will also receive access to the e-mailaddresses of all recipients who clicked through to your company’s website for more information. A follow-up e-mail to those respondents is agreat way to directly reach DE subscribers who have already indicatedinterest in your product.• For only $2,500, you will receive all of the e-mail addressesof the click-throughs to your press release and/or web site• Yours is the only product releasee-mailed that week• We carefully track the number of click-throughs to your press release and web site• Act now! Availability is limited since there’s only one “Editor’s Pick of theWeek”.

*As of January 15, 2005

Contact me today for details. Brian Vaillancourt, Publisher, Western • 603.924.9631, ext. 263

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