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Briefings: October 2004

By DE Editors

Linux  Cyclone LX Cluster Optimized for LS-DYNA

Paracel, Inc., a business unit of the Celera Genomics Group of Applera Corp. and a provider of applied high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, is distributing the Paracel Cyclone LX, a highly scalable Linux cluster that’s been optimized for LS-DYNA transient dynamic finite element program from Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC; lstc.com). This combination, according to Paracel, enables design engineers to run complex simulations faster and to run multiple jobs simultaneously.

“By combining Paracel’s extensive experience optimizing HPC systems for performance with LSTC’s state-of-the-art simulation software, Paracel can configure solutions that provide increased price/performance. This helps our customers shorten their product development lifecycle, ultimately leading to expanded market share and increased revenue,” said Jenifer Audette, HPC product manager.

Paracel tested a variety of platforms to determine configurations of the Cyclone LX that offer the best price/performance. Configurations of Paracel Cyclone LX 2000 series based on the AMD Opteron processor demonstrated the best price/performance while also offering 32- and 64-bit capability. Cyclone LX is also available in configurations based on Intel Xeon and Itanium 2 processors.

All systems include Paracel’s HPC Services to help organizations quickly deploy their new high-performance computing infrastructure. In addition, Paracel provides one point of contact for support of the hardware, operating system, middleware, and application integration. This reduces the need to work with multiple vendors for troubleshooting problems.

Paracel’s Cyclone is a turnkey Linux cluster solution available in an array of configurations and with virtually unlimited scalability to accommodate a wide variety of applications. In addition to processor flexibility, Paracel offers a range of options such as high-speed interconnects and large-scale RAID storage.

More information on benchmarks, Cyclone LX, and Paracel’s integrated systems for manufacturing can be found on the company’s website, paracel.com/pc/ov.htm.

Paracel Inc.

Pasadena, CA  paracel.com

Solidprofessor Joins with International Reseller COMSOL

SolidProfessor, a publisher of multimedia training programs for SolidWorks, entered into a partnership with Swiss-based reseller Comsol AG (comsol.ch) to distribute SolidWorks education programs. COMSOL will represent SolidProfessor products in Europe and Asia.

SolidProfessor is said to provide simple, effective, and different multimedia instruction for both novice and experienced users of SolidWorks software. SolidProfessor products may be ordered direct or from a growing number of SolidWorks Value-Added Resellers. Its flagship product, Core Concepts, includes nearly five hours of balanced and proven multimedia instruction designed by top SolidWorks training professionals with years of experience.


San Diego, CA  solidprofessor.com

IMSL C# Numerical Library Now Available Numerical Library Now Available For .Net Applications

Visual Numerics Inc. (VNI), a provider of numerical analysis and visualization software, has released the IMSL C# Numerical Library for complete compatibility and scalability with the Microsoft .NET framework. This means that Visual Studio users can now create advanced business analytics applications to help organizations gain insight into business data, including previously undetected trends and relationships. The algorithms found in the C# library deliver developers a level of analysis previously found only in high-performance computing environments.

VNI says that, for the first time, .NET application developers can build advanced analytics into applications without having to wrangle with the inefficiencies and hassles of wrapped code or deal with versioning or component registration challenges.

Key benefits of the IMSL C# Library include the fact it is written in 100 percent C#, so the library requires no learning curve. Developers can write an application in C# or VB.NET and seamlessly use the library as the analysis engine. Also, algorithms interact easily with a broad range of charting and visualization packages, including Excel, .NET Utilities, and third-party software. And, because of the portability of the .NET framework, the IMSL C# Library can be shared via the Web. Finally, the C# library, which includes user-friendly nomenclature of descriptive function names, significantly shortens development time and promotes standardization.

The IMSL C# Library is available immediately. Price: $1,695 (single end-user development seat, to start). Special introductory pricing is available for a limited period. For more information, visit vni.com.

Visual Numerics Inc.

San Ramon, CA vni.com

Gibbs and Associates Celebrates 20 Years

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM software for programming CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine tools, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company has been developing software for CNC machining supporting 2- through 5-axis milling, turning, mill/turning, multi-task simultaneous machining, and wire EDM since 1984.

“I believe in empowering the NC programmer, machinist, and manufacturing engineer, not eliminating them,” says Bill Gibbs, the company’s president and founder. “We don’t want our software to be perceived as expert friendly, we want GibbsCAM software to be machinist friendly.” Users, who start off programming simple 2.5-axis milling and 2-axis turning, can later seamlessly expand GibbsCAM to support programming machine tools with multiple spindles and turrets or complex multisurface machining. It was developed so manufacturers can adopt new technologies and new ways of working to make their machining easier and their businesses more profitable.

Gibbs also develops Gibbs SFP, a fully compatible shop floor programming CAM system that runs on controllers. Gibbs SFP offers fully integrated manufacturing modeling capabilities that include entry-level 2D, 2.5D, 3D wireframe, surface modeling, and solid-modeling creation.

GibbsCAM has received Microsoft’s Designed for Windows XP/2000 certification. GibbsCAM is also certified under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Application Program. Additionally, GibbsCAm is a Solid Edge Certified Select application and a SolidWorks Certified CAM Application.

GibbsCAM is offered or endorsed by a number of control and machine tool manufacturers, including GE Fanuc, Siemens, Fadal, Haas, and Mitsubishi. Gibbs and Associates distributes its products worldwide through a network of resellers. For more information, visit gibbscam.com.

Gibbs and Associates 

Moorpark, CA gibbscam.com

Generate Improved CATIA Mesh

New versions of Gridgen, the flagship CFD (computational fluid dynamics) mesh generation software from Pointwise, will have the ability to read CATIA V5 native format files and will run natively under HP-UX 11.0 on Itanium-based systems.

Gridgen’s native CAD readers simplify the process of transferring CAD geometry into the analysis process. They allow Gridgen to read the native file format of many CAD systems, bypassing the translation process that often introduces errors into the geometry. Gridgen reads native CAD files directly and does not require a CAD license. This saves valuable CAD seats and lets Gridgen users read CAD files sent to them from remote locations even when they do not use the CAD system that generated the geometry.

Gridgen has long supported HP-UX on the PA-RISC architecture, and some customers have been running that version on Itanium systems. However, to take full advantage of the performance gains of the Itanium processor, Pointwise is currently creating a native Itanium version.

These performance enhancements are especially important to customers like Advantage CFD, a consultancy firm providing CFD services to the motorsports industry and other highly competitive businesses. Says Dr. Rob Lewis, chief engineer at Advantage CFD, “The Itanium platform allows us to access large amounts of memory with significant compute power. Running Gridgen we are able to build large models on a workstation in a fraction of the time it took on our older large shared-memory machines.”

Fort Worth, TX  pointwise.com

Collaborate on Any Project, 3D Mega-Data Models Online

RealityWave Inc. has announced version 3.7 of its VizStream Enterprise Platform. VizStream enables the access, visualization, collaboration, and integration of megadata models and other industrial data over the Web within any enterprise application.

The new technology makes it possible to work with 3D models, 2D drawings, large raster files, textual databases, and information, such as bill of materials, for enterprise project collaboration and lifecycle management.

New features in version 3.7 include the ability to print locally, using large-format printers for any size document; the ability to implement different VizStream speed levels; large raster file access over the Web; enhanced data integration and data associativity features; background processing of source data and files for improved performance; and extended licensing support for improved IT management and control.

Additionally, VizStream has been named a SolidWorks Certified Gold Partner, extending the platform to SolidWorks 2005. It means engineers collaborating online will not be required to hop between applications to finish a product’s design and will be able to work and communicate directly within the SolidWorks environment without having to move files around. The intent is to save users time and money while maintaining security of the data. For more information, visit realitywave.com.

RealityWave Inc.
Cambridge, MA  realitywave.com

Search-Powered PLM Software Meets Upgraded CMII Criteria

The Product Sight Lifecycle Environment (PSLE) Pipeline and Build application modules are now CMII-certified software tools. The environment offers robust configuration management tools provided by its Pipeline and Build modules, which deliver product specification processes, manage engineering change requests, and perform other actions to eliminate the backlogs and delays caused when geographically distributed operations are launched without the tools and technologies to support them.

The PSLE Pipeline module includes CMII closed loop change forms and procedures. The PSLE Build module includes a CMII Baseline report that tracks the as-planned and as-released status for physical items, all supporting documents, and the controlling changes. Industry professionals worldwide recognize the CMII process-certified by the Institute of Configuration Management-as the most robust standard for managing the product design, introduction, and engineering change processes.

CMII baselines provide full visibility of the current configuration and planned changes. They bring the most pertinent information together into a single display. Any other information, if needed, is only one click away. In addition, CMII incorporates proven processes that include best management practices for change; reuse of standards; ensuring that all requirements are clear, concise, and valid; communicating this information promptly and accurately; and ascertaining that results conform to defined specifications.

Product Sight
Bellevue, WA  productsight.com

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