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Bright Computing Supports Microsoft Azure

Bright Computing‘s latest generation of Bright Cluster Manager, version 8.0, includes support for Microsoft Azure.

The Bright integration with Azure reportedly enables organizations to provision and manage virtual servers running on the Azure cloud platform, as if they were local machines. Organizations can use this feature to build an entire cluster in Azure from scratch, or extend an on-premises cluster into the Azure cloud platform when extra capacity is needed, Bright Computing reports.

The Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 integration with Azure includes various features. For one, Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 ensures that cloud nodes look and feel exactly like on-premises nodes. This is done by using the same software images to provision cloud nodes, as the software images that are already being used to provision on-premises nodes. Users are authenticated on cloud nodes in the same way as on-premises nodes.

An intuitive wizard in Bright View asks simple questions to quickly and easily set up the cloud bursting environment. In addition, Azure API endpoints are accessed via a single outgoing VPN port in the internet. Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 includes a tool that automatically moves job data in and out of Azure. Bright allows organizations to scale nodes up and down, based on the workload. Virtual nodes in the cloud can be terminated automatically when they are no longer needed, and recreated when new jobs are submitted to the queue.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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