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Bunkspeed Releases HyperShot V 1.5

By DE Editors

Bunkspeed (Los Angeles, CA) announced HyperShot V 1.5, an upgrade to HyperShot, which delivers performance enhancements that make for improved interaction between HyperShot and all major 3D solid and surface modeling products, says the company, as well as offers brighter, more realistic photographs rendered even faster from 3D models.

Performance and rendering improvements include real-time ray tracing by providing faster calculation of self shadows, and a cached material library, which will display all materials instantly. Shadows are said to be sharper in the final rendering and a better turntable animation is offered in HyperShot Pro.

Plus, HyperShot now supports Rhinoceros on the Mac, offers a plug-in available for Rhino on Windows, and improves existing support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4, SolidWorks, and IGES. In addition, Bunkspeed says it has revamped the product licensing process to allow interactive Internet activation of trial and permanent license.

“HyperShot has changed the way we work and communicate design ideas forever,” explained Peter Kossev, principal of Pixelmathematics, who is a beta tester of the new version.

HyperShot is available on both Windows and Mac systems and is available in the HyperShot Web version for $195. HyperShot HD is available for $995, which offers up to 4.1MP resolution on images; and HyperShot Pro, which delivers unlimited resolution images at a cost of $3,495 plus maintenance. HyperShot HD is also available as a student edition for $99.99 per year.

To download a free trial on HyperShot, visit Bunkspeed.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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