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CAD/CAM System Reduces Process Times

By DE Editors

Cimatron Limited (Givat Shmuel, Israel) has released version 9.0 of CimatronE, its integrated CAD/CAM solution suite for mold, tool, and die makers, as well as manufacturers of discrete parts. The newest version offers new features and capabilities that, according to the company, cut down on design, programming, and machining times significantly. Cimatron says that version 9.0 offers productivity enhancements covering the whole spectrum from quoting to delivery with particular focus in this release on tool design, NC for tooling, and 5-axis solutions.

The CimatronE application suite is made up of application bundles for mold design; die design; electrode design; 2.5- to 5-axis milling; wire EDM; turn, mill-turn, and rotary milling; multitask machining; and tombstone machining. Fully associative functionality among all modules enables changes made in one module to be reflected in all associated modules automatically. Its flexible automation feature means that while all CAM processes are automated, the user can always intervene to control or override a function if desired.

Major enhancements for mold and die designers in CimatronE 9.0 include new capabilities for transfer die makers and more automation for tool design. The CimatronE electrode solution, said by CIMdata to be one of the strongest available, has been enhanced with a new CMM application for defining measuring points and probe paths.

Programming and machining times have been shortened with new NC for tooling capabilities, according to Cimatron. Additionally, NC tooling capabilities are said to not only speed processes but support polish-free surface quality while ensuring gouge- and collision-free machining. New NC capabilities include significant improvements to the drilling application, with added safety measures and increased efficiency.

New machining strategies are available for HSM (high-speed machining) and 5-axis milling. A new impeller cutting application speeds up production for aerospace users, and CimatronE 9.0 also includes a new machine simulator said to provide improved interaction and functionality and more power and accuracy than earlier versions. Additional enhancements in version 9.0 include new capabilities for handling product manufacturing information throughout the design and manufacturing process as well as a new die quote generator.

"This is the fastest, most advanced version of CimatronE we have ever released," said Danny Haran, Cimatron’s CEO, in a press statement. "At a point in time when toolmakers and manufacturers are thirsting for ways to cut costs and speed up all their processes, we are providing a serious upgrade to our software which will dramatically increase our customers’ productivity."

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