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CAD-to-Part Inspection Solution Updated

BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd. (Montreal, QC) has announced version 3.2.5 of its Build!IT CAD-to-part inspection software. According to the company, this release incorporates more than 250 improvements and new features such as improved process automation, Windows 8 compatibility, and a new customizable interface.BuildIT

Build!IT, says the developer, enables dimensional verification of manufactured parts and assemblies. It provides “advanced analysis and reporting capabilities that combine measurement data from multiple sources to produce detailed graphical and textual reports that are used to quickly identify manufacturing and production trends.” Through its Automate!IT functionality, Build!IT enables users to reproduce repetitive processes, which can reduce training time and errors.

Build!IT offers a 3D workflow that offers real-time visual inspections through color-coded tolerancing and graphical feedback. With its object manager, users are said to be able to select model objects graphically from a tree view easily. Build!IT imports/exports using such common CAD formats as Autodesk Inventor, CATIA v4/v5, Creo (Pro/Engineer), IGES, NX, Parasolid, and STEP. Real-time software interfaces are available for metrology devices from such major manufacturers as API, Creaform, Leica, Faro, and Romer.

CAD-to-part graphical inspection features include surface and curve deviation plotting with tolerance-based or rainbow color scales and automatic probe radius compensation. Capabilities for geometry/feature evaluation include geometry-based feature inspection with real-time deviation feedback and analysis tools for feature fitting to point clouds.

Build!IT’s model-based GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing) inspection abilities support MEA, DML, and AIMS import/export as well as predefined measurement plans. Reporting and annotation features include customizable tabular and graphical reports in PDF and Excel formats; the ability to measure distances, angles, and deviations directly on the model; graphical call-outs for points, curves, and surface deviation, distances, and angles; device alignment reports; and GD&T reporting with evaluation of tolerances.

Version 3.2.5, says the company, features enhanced automation with conditional statements, a hole axis inspection command, CATIA V5 FTA GD&T import capabilities, advanced point cloud preprocessing, and datum-based alignment using any quadric geometry. A new Construct Paraboloid command allows users to reverse-engineer paraboloid surfaces from measured points for analysis, and a new Inspect Targets with Scanner feature lets users trigger measurements by simply scanning over targets.

New customization features of the Build!IT user interface include the ability to set keyboard shortcuts, modify any toolbar, and “completely” customize the menu bar. Miscellaneous enhancements also incorporated in version 3.2.5 include improved tolerance analysis mapping and a new minimize maximum deviation algorithm as well as a weights and constraints options. Interfaces for Creaform MetraSCAN and API Radian I-360 hardware as well as 3dconnexion mouse compatibility have also been introduced in version 3.2.5.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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