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CAM System Integrates with SolidWorks

By DE Editors

CAM System Integrates with SolidWorks

MecSoft Corporation (Irvine, CA) today announced the release of VisualMILL for SolidWorks. VisualMILL for SolidWorks is based on MecSoft’s VisualMILL CAM software application suite, which has been deployed in diverse industries such as general machine shops, aerospace, automotive, and mold & die for more than a decade. Pricing for VisualMILL for SolidWorks ranges between $999 and $3,999, depending upon the level of capability required.

VisualMILL for SolidWorks provides single-window integration and full associativity with SolidWorks 3D models. This enables you to generate 2.5-, 3-, 4-, or 5-axis toolpaths for CNC machining directly from SolidWorks 3D models. Among the operations available within the VisualMILL for SolidWorks environment are continuous roughing, continuous finishing, facing, pocketing, profiling, and engraving. Surface-, solids-, and mesh-based machining features include roughing, finishing, and curve projection. VisualMILL for SolidWorks comes with hundreds of free postprocessors as well as a postprocessor generator for creating your own.

“MecSoft’s partnership with SolidWorks unites our state-of-the-art, yet affordable CAM software solutions with a global leader in CAD technology,” says Craig Preston, vice president of marketing and business development at MecSoft in a press statement. “CNC machinists have reiterated their desire to utilize the advanced functionality of an integrated CAM solution for SolidWorks, but were not happy with the existing, more expensive options currently available to them.”

Pricing for VisualMILL for SolidWorks includes the first year of maintenance fees. Thereafter, such fees are $199 to $399, dependent on application suite purchased. For complete details, visit the VisualMILL for SolidWorks website.

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