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Cardboard Gun Shoots Paper Pellets

As any elementary school student can tell you, getting hit with a paper “spitwad” is a uniquely unpleasant experience. But at least they don’t hurt, right? Not anymore. 

A group of designers (including former Nerf engineers) at Bang Creations in the UK have come up with a cardboard gun that can shoot soft paper pellets up to 75 feet, with enough velocity to sting as much as getting hit with one of those Airsoft pellets. The Paper Shooters kits includes a plastic firing mechanism and frame, cardboard “skin” that can be clipped or glued on, and some pre-made ammunition along with a mold for making new pellets. (There’s also a target in the shape of a zombie’s head.)

The designers have put out a call on Indiegogo for $72,000 to fund the manufacture of the kits in China and raise more funds for new die-cutting equipment.

The guns come in three varieties: Digital Ops, Zombie Slayer, and Golden Touch (you can see them in the photo above). All three can shoot dry or wet ammo. Yuck.

Source: Wired

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