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Casting Simulation System Upgraded

By DE Editors

Casting Simulation System Upgraded

Version 1.08 of the industrial casting simulation software system STAR-Cast was recently announced by CD-adapco (Melville, NY and London, UK) and Access (Aachen, Germany), its joint developers. According to the companies, STAR-Cast, which enables the multi-disciplinary automation of casting process simulations, has been enhanced in version 1.08 with more simulations of casting processes as well a new physics models.

STAR-Cast is said to provide a comprehensive and intuitive process for performing multiphase casting simulations. The software, which uses a fully coupled computational continuum mechanics approach, combines a multiphase mold-filling module (liquid, solid, and gaseous) with the full range of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) features in CD-adapco’s multiphysics CFD codes, STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+. This is said to deliver engineers a simulation toolset suitable for a range of casting processes such as gravity sand casting, gravity (tilting) die casting, low-pressure and counter-pressure casting, centrifugal casting, and investment casting.

Simulation capabilities in STAR-Cast span conjugate heat transfer, sharp resolution of the filling front, free-surface fragmentation, motion of trapped gas bubbles in melt, and natural convection in melt and gas. V1.08 extends simulations of the investment casting processes to shell mold generation, radiation within the mold and the cast, and movement of mold and cavity into a Bridgman furnace.

Casting Simulation System Upgraded

The companies report that new physics models, such as water evaporation in sand, have been implemented in version 1.08. As well, a number of additional post-processing engineering criteria for easing the analyses and understanding of the results have also been incorporated in this version.

"STAR-Cast V1.08 is a truly innovative solution for anyone involved in industrial casting," says Jean Claude Ercolanelli, senior vice president Product Management at CD-adapco. "However, innovation by itself is not enough. We’ve listened to our customers and delivered a product that is intuitive to use, that speaks the language of casting engineers, and uniquely addresses the challenges faced by this industry."

“STAR-Cast V1.08 combines the leading technology for casting processes simulation with great ease of use in meshing and model definition,” says Jürgen Jakumeit, head of STAR-Cast development at Access.

Casting Simulation System Upgraded

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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