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Castle Island Report Explains Open-Source 3D Printers

By DE Editors

Castle Island Co. has released a report that explores and explains open-source 3D printers. The report, “Everything You Should Know About Open-Source 3D Printers—But Didn’t Know You Should Ask,” has been written by Ed Grenda in non-technical language.

Starting in 2009, it became possible to acquire a 3D printer kit for less than $1,000, and fully assembled machines based on these kits for about $3,000. This places additive fabrication within reach of a wider range of individuals and small companies. More than 3,000 of these machines have already been sold., according to the report.

This report has been written to place these developments in perspective.  How the machines work is explained and the organizations involved are described. The capabilities of these low-cost 3D printers are compared to existing professional-level equipment. The path of their future development using the open-source method is discussed and compared to traditional engineering development.  It concludes with predictions about where open-source 3D printers will fit within the entire range of additive fabrication equipment and how their capabilities may change over time.

The PDF report is 29 pages long.  It’s available for $9.95. 

For more information, visit Castle Island Co.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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