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Check out these videos, papers and tools from Digital Engineering’s advertising partners.

Design & Verify Complete Systems

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: ANSYS recently released version 16.2 of its simulation tool portfolio. At the other end of today’s ...

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Dump the Hassles: Collaborate Visually

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Whether it’s clients with fuzzy demands or non-engineer types with budget control, you enter a design ...

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Benchmark Explores Simulation-led Design Hardware, Software

Benchmarking study shows how advances in simulation software technology and engineering workstation power can boost productivity and bring the competitive advantages of a simulation-led design workflow to your company.

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Make 3D PDF Your Communications Backbone

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Static PDF files are, well, static. It was terrific when Adobe came up with interactive 3D PDFs. But ...

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Know Your Rapid Manufacturing Metals

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Sometimes when a paper is clear in its aims, carefully constructed and confidently executed, it wows you. You ...

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