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A New Mindset in Product Design


Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Once when speaking about startup companies, Marc Andreessen, co-author of the first widely used Web browser, ...

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EPLAN Experience: Your Gateway to Efficiency


Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Are your workflows efficient, knowledge-driven and optimized for today’s competitive engineering challenges like increasing product complexity, ...

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Optimize Application License Use and Sharing

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: For engineering and manufacturing outfits, HPC (high-performance computing) and HPC clusters are and will continue to ...

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Ten Reasons to Develop in the Cloud

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Start-ups and small businesses have something that large outfits can struggle with: A highly collaborative design ...

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Developing Turbochargers with CFD

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: For most people, turbochargers are a thing that racecars and hot-rodding teenagers have. Reality is more ...

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First Article Inspection Best Practices

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: The thumbnail description of first article inspection in manufacturing quality control is deceptively simple: You inspect ...

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Prepare for Autodesk Professional Certification

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: In the 1997 movie about recently laid-off steelworkers in England, “The Full Monty,” the 40-something Gerald, ...

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