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Check out these videos, papers and tools from Digital Engineering’s advertising partners.

Quadro for Design and Manufacturing

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: “Quadro for Design and Manufacturing” is a web-based resource with multiple videos, case studies and tons ...

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Top 5 LabVIEW Rookie Mistakes

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: National Instruments’ LabVIEW graphical development environment for measurement and control shares two distinctions with the Broadway ...

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Building a Successful PDM/PLM Strategy

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: I’ve watched today’s Check it Out on-demand broadcast “Building a Successful PDM/PLM Strategy” a number of ...

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Build Products, Not Just Boards

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Companies and designers can cook up expensive flops pretty easily when they do not have design ...

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Marine and Offshore CFD Simulation

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: I know in my gut, and I have quite the gut, that offshore oilrigs are engineered to withstand ...

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Machining for CAD Mavens

SolidCAM Offers CAM and Support for SolidWorks and Inventor CAD Mavens Newly Tasked with Machining.

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