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Check out these videos, papers and tools from Digital Engineering’s advertising partners.

New Graphics Cards Ready for Intense Engineering

AMD's new Radeon Pro WX Series of professional graphics cards are designed to handle the latest technologies like virtual reality and 5K HDR (high dynamic range) displays.

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Mind Over Machine

Custom-machined joints and a brain-controlled exoskeleton combine to enable those with lower limb paralysis to compete in the Cybathlon.

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Machining Star Wars to Life

Here's the story of a game designer becoming a maker using Tormach's PCNC 1100 mill and 15L Slant-PRO lathe to create movie prop replicas in his garage.

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Generator Design Using MotorSolve v6

Dedicated generator-mode analysis is a key new functionality in the upcoming v6 release of Infolytica's MotorSolve electric machine design software.

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