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News, views and in-depth coverage of high-performance computing tools and technology, including workstations, peripherals, clusters, servers and the Cloud.

Cloud Computing Forecast: The Clouds are Clearing

With so many long-established companies scrambling to stay ahead of (or catch up to) disruptive upstarts, it seems like cloud computing is a foregone conclusion. Or is it?

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Engineering’s Compute Power Appetite is Insatiable

Over the span of decades, the need for more compute power continuously grows. That, of course, has been driven by software providers exploring the very edge of what can be done.

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HP Unveils Detachable Workstation

HP ZBook x2 PC, a detachable workstation, allows designers to maximize capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud and other professional applications, company reports.

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Accelize Joins Intel Data Center Program

The purpose behind Accelize joining Intel Data Center Program is reportedly to enable FPGA acceleration-as-a-service for cloud computing and enterprise data center applications.

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