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Fast Apps

Quick case studies supplied by engineering hardware and software vendors.

Simulation Success


NASA relies on Tecplot CFD and post-processing visualization software to perfect its Orion spacecraft heat shield.

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Laser-quick Design

Simulation of laser welding shortens design cycle and optimizes component design at Owens Corning.

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Designing with Virtual Reality

ESI IC.IDO Virtual Reality CAVE

MAN and the University of Applied Science Upper Austria use ESI Group’s IC.IDO to efficiently create a truck assembly line.

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IoT Takes on the Food Industry


The Solair application platform at the heart of the new NEMOSY system was developed and patented by DSC Nexus for the large-scale retail trade.

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Powering CFD Simulation

Convergent Science CONVERGE CFD

ECR Engines uses CONVERGE CFD for effective and faster analysis of valvetrain engine parts.

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