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Optimizing for FSI

Helping organizations meet the challenges of today’s world through optimization of financial services.

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Driving Transformation in Financial Services

FSI companies are actively positioning technology at the core of their strategies as they look to leverage the growth of processing power, data storage, and networking speeds.

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Computing Crime Fighters

Financial institutions turn to the real-time fraud detection capabilities enabled by high-performance computing to combat cybercriminals.

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The Philippines Preps for High-Frequency Trading

The Philippines Stock Exchange has gained a high performance, and highly available all-flash technology storage platform that can meet the demands of high frequency trading.

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AI Financial Advice

Research shows how HPC-driven artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to provide new opportunities for the banking and financial services industries.

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The Complex Trade

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage has a new Heads Up Display with an integrated management dashboard across off and on premise storage. Image:Dell EMC

High-performance computing is a growing dimension of high-frequency and high-performance trading in financial markets.

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Movement Mortgage: On the Move

Movement Mortgage protects sensitive financial data and keeps pace with rapid growth with security, Dell EMC networking and support.

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Expand Boundaries

We are optimizing HPC, pursuing a vision to expand the frontiers of knowledge, science and technology.

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