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Internet of Things

News, views and in-depth coverage on how to design, secure and manage smart, connected devices and the design data they collect and transmit via onboard sensors.

Zigbee Alliance Kicks off Multi-Band IoT Mesh Network Technology

The Zigbee Alliance, an association of companies creating, maintaining and delivering open, global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), makes available Zigbee PRO 2017, the latest offering in the Alliance’s flagship mesh networking technology.

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Designing “Smart” Products

Are we at risk of becoming a bit too enamored with the potential returns to be gained from connected, “smart” products and the IoT?

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Embedded Emergence

With the advent of IoT, embedded systems should gain much momentum in the immediate future. Images courtesy of MicroEJ.

New design skills and philosophies are needed for IoT-enabled, embedded system design.

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Designing Sensors for Harsh Environments

As the IoT takes shape and harsh-environment applications become more prevalent, increased demand may cause vendors to remedy this situation.

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