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Design engineering and simulation analysis resources from Digital Engineering.

Webinar: The “Cool” Factor – Optimization of Thermal Performance, May 15, 2018

As IoT and other devices are being squeezed into tiny form factors, electronic designs are getting ever more complicated. Join us in this LIVE webinar May 15 at 2 p.m. as we discuss ways to optimize thermal performance by tweaking the following: air flow, component placement, heat sink performance and fan placement. Come see how you can optimize the thermal performance of your electronic designs, helping you get to market faster with better product.

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Webinar: Designing for the Era of 3D Printing, April 19, 2018

In this live roundtable on April 19, panelists discuss: software developed specifically for AM, the CAD and FEA community's efforts to support 3D printing, and the need to revise old design methods to keep up with additive manufacturing.

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Webinar: Accelerate Your Multiphysics Simulations and Apps in the Cloud, April 26, 2018

Advancement in multiphysics simulation and apps allows engineers to solve more complex engineering problems. Distributing the simulation work across multiple computers provides both a means to solve extremely large problems and to solve multiple model configurations simultaneously. In this April 26 webinar, we will discuss how simulation engineers overcome the constraints of traditional engineering resources and processes by deploying multiphysics simulations and apps in the cloud.

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Industry Focus: Designing for Consumer Electronics

Design Engineering for Consumer Electronics

This digital issue features rounds up DE’s recent coverage of design engineering technologies relevant to the consumer electronic industry, including MCAD and ECAD collaboration, machine learning in EDA tools, electronic 3D printing, thermal simulation in wearables and more.

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The Case of the Clawpole Transverse Flux Machine

Among all existing TFM geometries, the Clawpole TFM (CTFM) may offer the optimal compromise between torque density and ease of construction and manufacturing.

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MagNet Tackles BLDC Motor Design in the World of Sleep Apnea

ResMed is a leading global manufacturer of medical equipment designed to treat and manage sleep apnea and other chronic respiratory problems. The latest battery-powered CPAP and lung ventilation devices bringing patients relief require small electric BLDC motors, and low-power consumption is key to their design.

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Dynamic Fault Simulations of Synchronous Motors

By performing transient FEM simulations of electrical machines under short-circuit conditions, engineers have a tool for understanding the dynamic effects without risking damaging to the machine.

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Eco-Energy and Beyond

In 2014, 22 multidisciplinary student teams set out to build the world’s most eco-energy-friendly vehicle as part of the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit.

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