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Design engineering webinars.

Addressing Bottlenecks in Simulation: September 29, 2016

A new industry survey from Tech Clarity confirms the common barriers for simulation that will be discussed in this webcast. If you’re frustrated by the times you need to put in to recreate CAD geometry for simulation, 41% of the participants in a recent Tech Clarity’s survey share your pain. If you feel you’re wasting too much time defeaturing overly detailed models, 34% of the participants feel the same way. Learn about how to identify bottlenecks and best practices for overcoming them.

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Don’t Drown in Data: August 18, 2016

We’ve all heard the dire predictions of the deluge of data that more and more connected products will bring, but what is the current state of engineering data management? What does the future hold for using real-world feedback to help design products? What technologies are available and emerging to help? DE’s Senior Editor Kenneth Wong will moderate a panel of experts as they discuss how companies share and make use of the engineering data they already generate, and how they plan to collect and filter more data so that it can be introduced into the design cycle.

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Interactive Virtual Prototyping of Off-Highway Equipment: May 17, 2016

In this discussion, discover how to reduce the number of physical prototypes and get to market faster with interactive virtual prototypes. Experts from CM Labs and Siemens cover the basics of test product performance over complete work cycles; how to combine engineering models, control systems and real-time simulation for system-level validation; and leveraging realistic worksite visualization to discover emergent behavior.

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Multiphysics Simulation of a Microfluidic Device: May 3, 2016

This webinar will introduce attendees to numerical simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics®. The presenter will show participants how to model a microfluidic separator. Fluid flow through microfluidic channels, an alternating electric field, and the resulting motion of individual particles will be accounted for. The methods shown are applicable to many engineering design problems. We will also show how the model can be used to build a custom application that makes it easy for others in your organization to explore and optimize designs. The presentation will include a demo and a Q&A session.

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Supercomputing for the Rest of Us: April 12, 2016

DE’s Kenneth Wong will moderate a panel of experts as they discuss how design engineers from companies of all sizes can benefit from new initiatives to simplify access to supercomputing power. Discussion topics include: the OpenHPC community, Intel’s new HPC Scalable System Framework, cloud-based software-as-a-service offerings and public-private partnerships.

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Shedding Excess Weight from Products: Jan. 21, 2016

In this interactive roundtable talk moderated by DE's Kenneth Wong, panelists discuss: Moving from simulation to optimization, balancing passenger safety vs. lightweight design, assessing software-proposed designs for manufacturing cost and feasibility, and the weight loss achievable with new materials and manufacturing methods.

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3D Printed Rapid Tools for Injection Molding

During this webcast you’ll learn how 3D printed molds can cut turnaround time for your injection molded (IM) prototypes. We will discuss when 3D printed molds are a best fit, material selection and customer stories, as well as process limitations and tips for successful molding.

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Designing Security into the Internet of Things

There are already more than 25 billion connected devices in use worldwide, and that number is expected to skyrocket as connectivity and data collection add value to more and more devices. With all of those connections, security is a top concern. Watch this webcast to learn how to approach IoT security.

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End Project Information Chaos to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk

Join Desktop Engineering and M-Files for this one-hour webinar featuring Jim Brown, President and Founder of Tech-Clarity. During this session you’ll discover best practices that make it easy for engineering teams to share secure and collaborate on project-related content.

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