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News, views and in-depth coverage of computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation analysis and simulation-led design optimization.

Model-Based Systems Engineering Tackles Product Complexity

The system design process is often represented as a V diagram to indicate the importance of verifying the design against its requirements throughout every stage of the process.

Helping engineers model, explore and optimize tradeoffs between competing design goals such as high performance versus long life is a key ability provided by systems modeling and model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

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Envenio Speaker to Talk High-Res 3D Mapping at CARIS 2017

Output from the solver, showing the flow field (velocity magnitude) and flow direction.

The paper to be presented at CARIS 2017, entitled "High Resolution 3D Mapping For Current, Turbulence and Sediment Transport," highlights an ability to be able to study a subsurface environment at a high resolution.

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Accurate Physics Analyses for Designers

ANSYS AIM is designed to make powerful simulations easy for designers and other engineers with little or experience running analysis jobs. This screen capture from the “ANSYS in Action: ANSYS AIM” video demo shows how design engineers can obtain and explore multiple physics results through the ANSYS AIM interface. Image courtesy of ANYS Inc.

Through its single interface, ANSYS AIM makes multiple physics analysis capabilities accessible to designers and other non-analysts. Watch and see for yourself.

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Topology Optimization

Fig. 1: (a) top, initial design space. (b) middle, initial analysis. (c) bottom, final analysis.

Gain insight as to what controls can be exerted on the process to increase relevance to design goals.

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