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CCE Unlocks Newer Versions, PMI data in Update

CCE has released an update of its CAD data interoperability libraries focusing primarily on new version support and PMI enhancements.

CCE’s CATIA V5 libraries were updated to support reading and writing of CATIA V5R62017 data. CCE already has support for CAD versions that include NX 11, CATIA V6 R2017x, Creo 4.0, Inventor 2017 and SOLIDWORKS 2017 among others.

PMI support updates include providing access to generic offset values in CATIA V5 to allow applications to easily position dimensions; providing annotations created using DimXpert suite in SOLIDWORKS; and providing access to entity (face/edge/vertex) associated to a specific PMI annotation in both SOLIDWORKS and NX libraries. CCE’s SOLIDWORKS libraries also allow access to user defined view-display-states in a model.

For more info, visit CCE.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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