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CD-adapco Releases STAR-CCM+ v8.02

CD-adapco (Melville, NY, and London, UK) has released version 8.02 of its STAR-CCM+ integrated solution for multidisciplinary engineering. STAR-CCM+ v8.02, says the company, is a “major new version” specifically aimed at increasing engineering productivity by making the software easier to use and interact with as well as by reducing the time required to get a high-quality solution “significantly.” Enhancements in version 8.02 include a new STAR-Cast add-on for executing multiphase casting simulations, JT Open integration, and a number of usability and performance improvements.

STAR-CCM+ Version 8.02 image courtesy of CD-adapco.

“STAR-CCM+ v8.02 is the first of our v8 releases to benefit from our investment in a dedicated ‘User Experience Team,’ whose task is to dissect and improve every aspect of the software, resulting in more effective and more productive simulation engineers,” said senior vice president of product management Jean-Claude Ercolanelli in a press statement. “Among the new features and enhancements is a new STAR-Cast add-on, developed in collaboration with our partner, Access, which provides a comprehensive and intuitive process for performing multiphase casting simulation and brings automation and ease-of-use to casting and foundry processes.”

The STAR-Cast industrial casting simulation add-on uses a fully-coupled computational continuum mechanics approach for performing multiphase casting simulations — liquid, solid, and gaseous. It provides functionality for predicting misrun formations as well as automated shell generation for investment casting simulation that provide realistic modeling of dipping-type ceramic shell molds. Additionally, STAR-Cast offers a dedicated material database.

Integration with Siemens PLM Software’s JT Open has the potential to cut import times from hours to minutes for large complex CAD assemblies, in the company’s opinion. Lagrangian and DEM (discrete element method) dynamic load balancing improves runtimes for applications such as SCR (selective catalytic reduction) devices, IC engines, and chemical sprays by at least a factor of 2.5, the company says.

STAR-CCM+ Version 8.02 image courtesy of CD-adapco.

Among v8.02’s usability related enhancements are parts-based meshing and new surface preparation functionality. Parts-based meshing allows users to associate mesh definitions with geometric entities, which, says the company, results in greater control, better automation, and reduced turnaround time. Surface preparation decreases the amount of time required to clean up imported CAD geometries, particularly those that include large assemblies of components, according to the company.

Beyond the STAR-Cast add-on, STAR-CCM+ v8.02 introduces enhancements to the software’s Fluid Film Model and Eulerian multiphase capabilities as well as new co-simulation abilities with AMESIM. The Fluid Film Model can now be used with the Moving Reference Frame (MRF) model to simulate films on objects that move, such as pumps and break-disks. The model can also be used to simulate icing and de-icing effects using a multi-component melting and solidification model. The new co-simulation capability through coupling with AMESIM, a 1D multi-domain simulation tool from LMS International, enables simulation possibilities for hydraulics, IC engines, electromagnetic, and fuel injection systems.

For more information on STAR-CCM+ v8.02, visit CD-adapco.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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