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CD-adapco Releases STAR-CDv 4.22, es-ice

CAE Software provider CD-adapco has shipped its newest versions of STAR-CD version 4.22 and es-ice IC Engine simulation softwares. Overall, STAR-CD has been upgraded with refinements to existing physics models and pre-processing developments. es-ice now includes an automatic meshing capability for full cylinder models.

In es-ice, geometries can be easily meshed with a minimum of inputs through one panel. Reporting results can now be viewed in Excel, and include engine-specific results, case details and simulation settings. Users can also now reflect a full model from a trimmed half model.

Libraries in es-ice now use equivalence radio instead of mixture fraction as one of the independent variables. The CO model, which is part of ECFM-CLEH, also now has an available library.

Additional improvements to STAR-CD version 4.22 are a number of new capabilities to support the development of the software’s in-cylinder LES function, such as optional heat transfer. This feature provides an easy-to-use and computationally economical method for calculating crank-angle resolved changes in structural temperature and the effect on in-cylinder processes.

There are also a variety of enhancements to the PVM-MF (Progress Variable Model — Multi-Fuel) model. This chemistry-based combustion model has been refined for dual-fuel operation. Libraries for gasoline, diesel and natural-gas have also been updated.

For more information, visit CD-adapco.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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