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CD-adapco Takes HEEDS

CD-adapco (London, UK, and Melville, NY) has announced the acquisition of Red Cedar Technology Inc., the developer of HEEDS Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) software. The acquisition will add HEEDS MDO to CD-adapco’s suite of CAE simulation tools. CD-adpaco’s simulation offerings include such applications as the STAR-CCM+ CFD solver, STAR-CD simulation solution, Battery Design Studio, and SPEED software for electric machine design and analysis. The move to acquire Red Cedar Technology, says the company, further cements CD-adapco’s commitment to providing simulation tools that allow engineers to simulate entire engineering systems.

CD-adapco has announced the acquisition of Red Cedar Technology Inc., the developer of HEEDS Multidisciplinary Design Optimization software. Image courtesy of CD-adapco.

Based in East Lansing, MI, and with a worldwide distribution network, Red Cedar Technology’s products are used in various engineering environments for the design of safer cars and biomedical devices as well as in the development of structures for air travel, space exploration, and similar applications.

HEEDS MDO provides automation, design exploration, and optimization tools that integrate into existing workflows as well as with the design and analysis tools currently in use. The software automatically explores a user’s design space then identifies solutions that meet user-defined goals, such as reducing product cost while improving performance. HEEDS MDO is said to be able to find the values of design parameters that best satisfy design criteria regardless if the user seeks to improve the design of a simple component or engineer a complex multidisciplinary system.

“This acquisition is the natural progression of the strategic partnership that we formed more than a year ago to help CD-adapco customers integrate their CFD software with other CAD and CAE software and perform multidisciplinary design optimization,” said Red Cedar President Bob Ryan in a press statement. “From our first interactions, we realized Red Cedar Technology and CD-adapco shared the same vision and could achieve more together than separately.”

“For the last five years ]CD-adapco has] been redefining the paradigm for CAE licensing, with the stated intention of allowing our customers to perform multidisciplinary design exploration studies that capture all the real-world physics that are likely to influence a potential product during its operational life,” said CD-adapco’s executive vice president Bill Clark in the press announcement. “Up until now, the key missing component in this strategy has been a best-in-class process automation and optimization tool. CD-adapco’s acquisition of Red Cedar Technology will empower our customers to leverage their simulation models by optimizing potential designs across the entire design space.”

According to CD-adapco, Red Cedar Technology will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary with Bob Ryan staying on as president of Red Cedar Technology and CD-adapco’s Bill Clark assuming the role of CEO. Under CD-adapco’s ownership, Red Cedar Technology will continue to develop HEEDS.

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