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CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ V4.02 Released

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CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ V4.02 Released

STAR-CCM+ V4.02 is now an integrated platform for multi-disciplinary simulation, including: combustion, multiphase flow, heat transfer through solids and fluids, dynamic fluid body interaction, and solid stress.

STAR-CCM+ V4 includes new physical models, such as the introduction of erosion modeling, improved combustion models, as well as the capability to simulate melting and solidification.

STAR-CCM+ V4 provides a free stand-alone results viewer called STAR-View+ that facilitates collaboration between engineering teams by giving everyone access to interactive visualization of the computed results. STAR-CCM+ V4 allows users to distribute post-processed simulation results as scene files containing a 3D representation of the stored CAE plot. When viewed using STAR-View+, scene files allow the viewer to zoom, pan, and rotate the stored model and post-processing data, as if the model were in STAR-CCM+.

Download STAR-View+ here.

STAR-CCM+ is designed to allow engineers to simulate the entire design space–spawning multiple design iterations from a single simulation scenario. The release of STAR-CCM+ V4 sees the introduction of a new parts structure within the user interface, closing the gap between CAD design and CAE simulation. As CAD data is imported the hierarchy of the assembly is reproduced allowing users the ability to duplicate, replace, repair, transform, and export individual components from the tree, manually within the STAR-CCM+ environment, or automatically using macros.

CAD part-names and meta-data are also preserved in the hierarchy, meaning that the simulation remains linked to the original CAD model. Once an initial simulation has been prepared, meshing and physics data are stored in a template, so that any changes to the CAD model can be reflected in the simulation results.

For more information, visit CD-adapco.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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