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CEI Releases New Version of EnSight for CFD Simulation Problems

By DE Editors

Computational Engineering International (CEI) has released EnSight CFD, new software for analyzing, visualizing, and communicating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) results for scientific and engineering problems.

EnSight CFD is designed to allow users to explore CFD data interactively with twice as many functions tied to the computer’s mouse buttons, and right-click menus preloaded with context-sensitive options. These improvements allow users to post-process and visualize a model using only the mouse.

This new CFD visualization product has an interface tailored to the needs of CFD engineers, featuring improved readers for the analysis packages CFD engineers use most, including FLUENT and CFX. These enhanced readers automatically add a series of derived variables based on explicit dataset files. Therefore, quantities such as radial velocity, pressure gradient, mach number, etc. are automatically available to the user.

EnSight CFD also contains a calculator function for quantitative analysis. This new calculator allows users to quickly calculate frequently used formulas like mass flow average, mass flow rates, min/max values, etc.

EnSight CFD is immediately available for download as part of the EnSight 9.0 Suite.

For more information, visit CEI.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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