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Celeritive Technologies Launches of VoluMill 3.0

By DE Editors

Celeritive Technologies Launches of VoluMill 3.0

Celeritive Technologies, Inc., a third-party developer of high-speed machining technologies, has released 3.0 of its VoluMill toolpath software. VoluMill is a toolpath engine designed to reduce programming and cutting time while increasing the life of cutting tools. VoluMill 3.0 extends these capabilities to all three-axis applications, such as mold and die machining.

“We are excited to provide the proven benefits of VoluMill to a new audience,” says Lawrence Lynott, Celeritive’s vice president of sales. “Our two-axis customers have reported 30 percent reductions in programming time and up to 70 percent improvements in cycle time while more than doubling their tool life, cutting everything from aluminum to titanium to hardened toolsteel to nickel-based alloys.”

Both VoluMill two-axis and VoluMill three-axis use existing CAD/CAM functionality for geometry and input/output functions, allowing customers to continue using their CAM system of choice. They dynamically manage cutting strategies, feed rate, and depth of cut, and minimize force and heat buildup in both the part and the tool by maintaining the programmed material removal rate.

Improvements in VoluMill 3.0 include complete three-axis roughing, which handles all types of parts; three-axis rest roughing, including Inline Restmill, which uses a single tool for roughing and rest roughing to prepare a part for finishing; and advanced options for two-axis VoluMill, including support for tapered walls, island height cleanup, and regionalized pocketing.

For more information, visit Celeritive Technologies’ VoluMill site.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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