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ChassisSim Joins Altair Partner Alliance

The Altair Partner Alliance (APA) announced that multi-body dynamics (MBD) software from ChassisSim Technologies is available for download. Traditionally used in the racing industry, ChassisSim simulates and predicts numerous vehicle parameters.

“ChassisSim Technologies is delighted to be working with Altair to provide our simulation technologies to their user community,” said Danny Nowlan, director at ChassisSim. “ChassisSim is a natural fit for any project involving motorsport, race engineering or automotive vehicle dynamics.”

ChassisSim allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineers to simulate all aspects of vehicle behavior early in the design process. Users can predict lap times by performing full multi-body transient simulation and then export the data for review.

“ChassisSim is a product which has been created by race engineers, for race engineers,” said Michael Hoffmann, senior vice president for math and systems at Altair. “It combines ease-of-use with predictive simulation technology, both of which are absolutely necessary in motorsports. The higher level of studies provided by ChassisSim allows our customers to maximize vehicle performance in a short amount of time, where they can then utilize HyperWorks to further refine the vehicle design.”

Containing a number of tools and modules, ChassisSim is able to reverse-engineer several vehicle parameters based on logged data. The auto bump generation tool provides road surface properties while the aero modeling toolbox can derive the aeromap of the vehicle. Users can also predict the tire force and properties with the tire force modeling toolbox, and utilize the shaker rig toolbox to gather frequency-based results for all vehicle modes. ChassisSim can determine the fastest setup for a particular circuit based on a given vehicle model, as well as allow the driver to test a circuit using the same model to verify the simulation results.

For more information, visit the Altair Partner Alliance (APA).

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