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Check it Out: Autodesk University 2013

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Frequent readers know that I urge you to attend a user conference any chance I get. And prodding you to go to Autodesk University 2013 is what I’m up to today.


I’ve attended AU — Autodesk University — a number of times. If AU 2013 lives up to its heritage, it’s going to be well worth your time and your company’s time. Let me put that in perspective. Companies often ask this manufacturing and design industry media graybeard how can they make their conference one that users will feel they need to return to every year or two. AU is always one of the handful of events they are advised to emulate.

Why is AU a role model? Two reasons wrapped in content: professionals and people. Well, three: Las Vegas. I once had a bizarre meet-up with Elvis, Monroe, and Buddy Holly impersonators in that town and we um, never mind that.

Hands-on professionals build AU’s content. Some of that content comes from Autodesk people. These are the people building the next generation of AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, rendering, simulation, and other applications as well as the tools that you wish you had, will soon know you needed, or wish you knew how to use better. They do small sessions and on-stage addresses. But they also hang out in the halls chatting, sit next to you at a session, or maybe share your lunch table. They know what’s going on, how to do something, and what’s coming up next. And, of course, Autodesk people introduce and demonstrate new products and technologies. No doubt AU 2013 will offer a sneak preview of the next release of Inventor.

Some of the people are the innovators. They are the people dreaming up technologies that the mainstream press hails as futuristic, even though they haven’t a clue about what they’re reporting. And some of the people are power user do-bees like you who are using, say, Inventor to design the things that enrich our everyday lives. Sitting in a class (aka breakout session), somebody invariably asks the presenter the question on your mind or one that sparks the whole room into a discussion.

Now, my contacts tell me that AU 2013 has more content on tap for you in manufacturing and product design jobs than ever before. Among the tracks is one called the “New Industrial Revolution.” The idea here is that we’re entering a new era marked by trends like additive manufacturing, advanced automation, and local manufacturing. These 90-minute sessions will show you how to take advantage of and gain a competitive edge with these technologies. Another track focuses on digital prototyping and what’s new for design, simulation, visualization, and PLM (product lifecycle management). Both of these tracks and others offer you the chance to share ideas and build connections with your peers and the technologists.

AU all really comes down to content. You learn so much in so many ways that attending AU is more like retaining a consultant, only it’s far less expensive and you might emerge as the in-house consultant at your company. Today’s link takes you to a page all about what AU 2013 has to offer people in manufacturing and product design jobs. It has a catalog of classes, details on certification programs, daily schedules, and so forth.

Autodesk University is great fun. You meet and hear from people doing amazing things, learn how to use your Autodesk tools more competently, and you glimpse the future before anybody else. My contacts tell me that if you register to attend AU 2013 between now and November 15 from today’s Check It Out link, you’ll shave $500 off registration. So hit the link and check out what’s happening at AU 2013.

Thanks, Pal.  – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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