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Check it Out: Problem Solved

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

When John Greenleaf Whittier wrote his famous line — “For of all sad words of tongue or pen/The saddest are these: ‘It might have been!” — he wasn’t thinking of manufacturing. But he might have been. Working long and hard to get the job done can give you an empty feeling that you might be more productive and might achieve a better ROI (return on investment) from your design, analysis, and data management processes if only … If only you had the time to organize some training. If only that pair of 30-minute workshops that sound so right weren’t a 3-hour drive away. If only you could hobnob with people wrestling with the same issues. The pathway to inert uniformity is haunted with such “it might be” laments.


Today’s Check it Out link takes you to a registration page for an upcoming webinar called “Problem Solved” put on by the people at IMAGINiT Technologies, the Rand Worldwide company that provides training, support, and outsourced expertise to engineering and manufacturing companies large and small. It might just be what you need to transform your sense of uneasiness into knowledge that your problems can be solved.

Yeah, I hear you. “Upcoming?” You don’t have a clue what’s for dinner tonight, never mind what you’re doing whenever “upcoming” is. (BTW, the date is Halloween day.) I said that to my contact. She patted me on the head. After you register for the event, you’ll get a confirmation email, and reminder emails will show up as the day draws nigh. And the presentations will be available on-demand for a couple of months after the event. So, OK, what might have been a hassle is covered. Now here’s why this event sounds intriguing.

Lots of webinars focus on an application, which is excellent, mind you. This group of five, 30-minute sessions, however, focuses on your engineering processes with an emphasis on ROI. All of the presentations will be at a level applicable for designers, engineers, and managers, including CAD and plant managers as well as C-level management. Your complimentary registration gains access to all the presentations, and you can attend one or all of presentations. Registration was simple, and I received my confirmation right away.

The first session sets the pattern. It begins at 11AM (eastern). Subsequent sessions are all 45 minutes apart. There’s a 15-minute break in between sessions for continuing the discussion with the presenters and other attendees in a networking lounge.

Here are the titles for four of the topics: Significant ROI with Inventor Design Automation, ROI for Release Management/Engineering Change Order Systems, the ROI of Outsourced CFD (computational fluid dynamics) Simulation and Analysis, and the Value Behind Implementing the Autodesk Plant Design Suite. Each session presenter is a domain expert at IMAGINiT, and collaborating and sharing best practices with your fellow attendees is encouraged.

The fifth session is a client presentation called the Value of PLM at Greenpoint Technologies. Orrin Bourne, the speaker from Greenpoint, will talk about his company’s experience and the ROI they’re seeing with a PLM solution. Bourne will cover such things as critical areas to review when looking at engineering data management, baseline best practices including gathering baseline data, and reviewing industry averages. This one sounds particularly good if you’re looking to implement, replace, or expand your engineering data management processes to get a better ROI.

IMAGINiT knows their stuff, so it’s likely “Problem Solved” will be a good use of your time. Incidentally, you might like to let some of your colleagues know that there’s a complementary program for civil and building engineers airing concurrently while these manufacturing sessions air. Attendees of all three tracks are welcome to engage in a little networking to check out what sort of collaboration opportunities might develop. You can learn more about the individual “Problem Solved” sessions ” stick to the manufacturing tabs ” and register by hitting today’s Check it Out link.

Thanks, Pal.  – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Learn more about the “Problem Solved” webinar from IMAGINiT Technologies.

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