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Check it Out: Simpoe-Mold Video

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Everyone talks about increasing productivity and time to market as well as cutting costs by reducing material wastage, prototypes, and scrap. That’s the mission of SIMPOE when it comes to plastic injection molding simulation solutions. But SIMPOE is also one of those outfits that develops software that has a big effect on manufacturing processes, yet, when the software’s effect is its greatest, product designers, mold makers, mechanical engineers, and so forth congratulate themselves for a job well done, forgetting they had a lot help. A good example of that is the company’s Simpoe-Mold stand-alone simulation software.

The whole idea behind Simpoe-Mold is to enable you to optimize molds, better control resin injection, and reduce material costs so that you can launch your new products faster. Simpoe-Mold lets you simulate the full range of the plastic injected parts manufacturing process from filling to warpage from the early design stages. It enables you to identify potential problems early in the design process, study alternative solutions, and assess the impact of part modifications.

With Simpoe-Mold, you can visualize and animate the melt front, weld lines, air traps, temperature and pressure distributions, shear rate and constraints, clamping forces, and so on. You can simulate part filling, packing, thermal regulating, and part deformation after mold opening. Simpoe-Mold has a customizable 5,000+ material database and channel libraries, and automatic mesh generation. Simpoe-Mold is also easy to use by both experts and not so experts alike.

That part above about early in the design phase is key. Simpoe-Mold lets you simulate early and often so that you can optimize your molds so that your process follows without a hitch. So, when your development and manufacturing team start bragging about the good job they did, remind them that it’s good tools that got them there. Today’s Check It Out video will give you a good idea of that. It starts out with a few silent slides, and then goes into a narrated demonstration of the key features you’ll find in Simpoe-Mold. Check it out and see for yourself.

Thanks, Pal — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering Magazine

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