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Check it Out: STAR-CCM+ /Power-On-Demand

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

You could say that STAR-CCM+ from CD-adapco is the CFD code of record. But there’s a twist to that statement. While most codes that define a genre require hooded high priests to operate, STAR-CCM+ is designed around this idea that engineers should focus their time on acquiring useful data from a top-end application so that they can design, innovate, and produce better engineered products. To that end, STAR-CCM+ integrates CAD preparation, meshing, model set-up, and iterative design studies in a single engineer-friendly environment. Since it leverages automation as much as possible, STAR-CCM+ dispenses with all kinds of repetitive, routine, and time-eating tasks. So, you could say that STAR-CCM+ defines its own genre: High-end CFD that makes it easy-of-use for you to spend your time on engineering analysis rather than prep work.

That philosophy of letting you do real work with as few non-productive complications as possible is what led CD-adapco to introduce the "Power Session" a couple of years ago. Essentially, Power Session breaks the long-standing CAE licensing tradition that tied software costs to the number of cores used. For a single, fixed fee you had access to unlimited computational resources. And now CD-adapco has taken that notion a step further with a new licensing scheme called STAR-CCM+ /Power-On-Demand.

STAR-CCM+ /Power-On-Demand lets you run STAR-CCM+ /Power Session simulations using on-demand cloud computing services such as Amazon EC2, SGI Cyclone, or any public, private, and hybrid cloud. One of the neatest things here is that you can deploy the cloud resources when needed. That means that what you have here is STAR-CCM+ with a virtually unlimited simulation burst capacity that you can use for, say, topping off your own cluster with some cloud power during times of peak demand.

A second notable attribute is that STAR-CCM+ /Power-On-Demand gives you an extremely flexible simulation environment. Now, your capacity can expand or contract based on your workload and target performance parameters. You can take on bigger, more complex analyses that you might have had to pass up or farm out due to insufficient resources. And each license can run an uncounted number of sessions, concurrently or not, by-the-hour on an unlimited number of cores, enabling you to adjust your workload on the fly.

Built from the ground up to be engineer friendly and powerful, it’s well worth you time checking out STAR-CCM+ from the link over there. Make sure to visit the media gallery and sign-up for a demonstration while you’re there. Then ask CD-adapco how you can deploy STAR-CCM+ /Power-On-Demand at your company and change the way you do engineering.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Check out STAR-CCM+ /Power-On-Demand.

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