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CimatronE 12 Launched

Cimatron Limited has launched CimatronE 12, its integrated CAD/CAM software. According to the company, the software now provides tools that can dramatically increase productivity and minimize overheads in designing and manufacturing molds, dies and discrete parts.

For CAM, CimatronE 12 now has a new NC (numerical control) setup that lets users define materials, machines and part set up for streamlined process management. There is also a machine preview feature that enables optimization of multi-axis machine orientation before a toolpath is calculated. Users can also visualize remaining stock in color and in real time.

Version 12 includes a 3D stock for 3+2 Axis positioning and 5 Axis, an EDM setup environment that can fully control the electrode burning process and enable “lights-out” operation.

Additionally, added cooling design and analysis capabilities support traditionally drilled cooling channels and conformal cooling channeled manufactured using 3D printing technologies. CimatronE 12 also supports the Additive Manufacturing File (AMF) file format.

“More than ever, tool shops are under growing pressure to stay competitive,” says Ira Bareket, vice president sales and marketing, Cimatron. “While high quality is a given, delivery deadlines get shorter and shorter. In addition, tool shops may find themselves in situations where they are forced to slash delivery times after a project has already started. This presents them with serious challenges, particularly in managing their workflow and remaining profitable. CimatronE’s newest version addresses these challenges with significant improvements in design automation, process management, machine utilization and ease of use, and helps our customers achieve success.”

For more information, visit Cimatron Limited.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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