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CIMCOOL Global Fluids Introduces Botanical Metalworking Fluids

By DE Editors

CIMCOOL Global Fluids (Cincinnati, OH) developed CIMFREE Botanical Fluids, a line of nine environmentally friendly vegetable-based products for high-speed machining and metalworking operations.

Having first pioneered the use of botanical lubricants decades ago, this product line expansion and use of renewable resources continues CIMCOOL Global Fluids’ longtime commitment to environmental conservation.

The fluids include CIMFREE VG-S175, which is free of mineral oil and chlorine, offers lubricity, is approved for medical alloys, and can be used in Swiss turning machines; CIMFREE VG-S110P is a blend of vegetable and mineral oils that offers thermal and oxidative stability, is low-foaming and chlorine free, and approved for medical alloys; CIMFREE VG-MF5350 is suited for stamping and drawing applications that require boundary lubrication, allows tight-radius applications, is washed from parts, and its lower viscosity makes application easier; CIMFREE VG-920M is an economical concentrate that can replace most semi-synthetic mineral oil products for general-purpose use (including ferrous and aluminum applications); CIMFREE VG-990M offers biological and corrosion control and is economical, and VG-991M is available for aluminum wire drawing applications; CIMFREE VG-901ZH offers lubricity for heavy-duty machining and grinding operations and contains no boron, nonylphenol ethoxylates, ethanolamines, or chlorine; CIMFREE VG-3900H is a machining fluid, reduces manufacturing costs, and offers lubricity and corrosion control; and CIMFREE VG-703ES is a low viscosity fluid designed for use where minimal-flow fluid delivery applications are required — it offers lubricity, cleanliness, and corrosion control, and is economical since it requires minimal usage.

For information, visit CIMCOOL Global Fluids (certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 9002), a division of Milacron, Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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