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Citroen Powertrain Not Just Full of Hot Air

When people talk about more fuel-efficient cars, they normally focus on hybrid technology, electric vehicles, and maybe hydrogen fuel cells. But a few automakers have toyed with the idea of running a vehicle on compressed air, and now European automaker Peugeot Citroen claims they could have something on the market by 2016.

The compressed air storage tank is visible in this photo of the Hybrid Air powertrain. Image: Peugeot Citroen

The Hybrid Air vehicle would use a combination of compressed air and a gasoline engine to provide up to 50 minutes of driving without using any gas, and provide a 35% fuel savings. Eventually, the company hopes to produce a car that can achieve its 100km/117 miles per gallon benchmark.

The company showed off the technology during its Innovation Day event at the company’s Automotive Design Network R&D center in France. The powertrain stores energy in the form of compressed air, and can operate in air-only, gas-only, and combined modes. The air mode kicks in at speed below 70 kph, the company claims that in urban driving scenarios the vehicle would run on air 80% of the time.

We showed you an example of air power on a smaller scale with Toyota’s KU:RIN speeder, but Peugeot is tackling the consumer market.

You can see a more detailed view in the video below:

Source: engadget

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