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Clinkenbeard’s Toolingless Process Can Reduce Lead Time

By DE Editors

Clinkenbeard’s patented Toolingless Process of machining sand cores and molds promises to be accurate and reduce lead time by up to 90 percent cast metal parts.    

With the Clinkenbeard  Toolingless Process, prototype tooling can be eliminated, depending on the project requirements.   Greater flexibility to make and test multiple design iterations during product development—from simple to complex parts—is possible.  The cost of production tooling for one-off and small quantities is greatly reduced, according to the comapny.  

Additionally, the Toolingless Process eliminates the need to inventory or store tooling. A customer can match production core materials and chemical levels so that prototype castings emulate production.  

With respect to desktop engineering, all manufacturing at Clinkenbeard starts with customer supplied designs in 3D CAD. The Clinkenbeard Toolingless Process does require some design work, which is currently done in Solidworks 2009.  

For more information, visit Clinkenbeard.

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