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Cobham Technical Services Launches New Parallel Processing Simulator

Cobham Technical Services has released a new simulation software for charged particle devices. According to the company, it accelerates one of the major electromagnetic simulation solver options for Cobham’s Opera-3d suite of electromagnetic and multiphysics design tools.

Named SCALA, the parallelized 3D Space Charge module uses code optimized for shared memory architecture of standard PCs and workstations with multi-core processors. in parallelizing the solve process, included the existing particle tracking algorithms, the module can shorten simulation run times.

The solver fully integrates with Opera-3d’s Modeler and Post-Processor, giving users access to Opera’s full range of model creation and results analysis tools. Models of geometry emitters can be constructed easily and accurately within the modeler, or imported from CAD systems through interfaces such as STEP, IGES, SAT and Pro/Engineer. The modeler also performs mesh generation using tetrahedral, prismatic or hexahedral elements.

The Space Charge module also incorporates a comprehensive set of surface and volume emission models, which has a range of formulations for thermionic and field effect surface emission, secondary emissions from surfaces and magnetized plasma emission. Methods used by the module calculate emission and subsequent trajectories of particles in electric and applied magnetic fields.

Cobham’s new solver is compatible with Opera-3d’s multiphysics capabilities and enables a designer to extract the maximum information from an analysis.

For more information, visit Cobham Technical Services.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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