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CoCreate Integrates with PTC Product Development System

By DE Editors

PTC (Needham, MA) says that the new 16.5 release of its CoCreate product family enables users to derive greater value from their models and drawings through tighter integration with major solutions in PTC’s Product Development System (PDS). PTC also introduced CoCreate Advanced Mechanica, which provides simulation experts an extended set of options to model advanced, real-world conditions.

CoCreate Integrates with PTC Product Development System

The CoCreate design environment leverages two main products, CoCreate Modeling and CoCreate Drafting for 3D CAD and 2D CAD, respectively, as well as integrated PDM (product data management) and collaboration software. CoCreate Modeling offers an explicit 3D CAD approach said to make creating and modifying 3D designs fast, easy, and flexible. CoCreate Drafting is a full 2D CAD system built on a part and assembly structure offering specialized features for the product development process.

Tighter integration with PTC solutions means that CoCreate users can access such PDS capabilities as enterprise viewing and visualization, automated technical illustration creation, tools for engineering calculations, advanced simulation capabilities, and enterprise PLM. Additionally, the integration means, according to PTC, more effective collaboration with teams using Pro/ENGINEER.

CoCreate Integrates with PTC Product Development System

Specifically, the CoCreate family of products is integrated with ProductView, Arbortext IsoDraw, Mathcad, and Pro/ENGINEER. Companies using CoCreate Drafting can use the new Windchill Workgroup Manager for CoCreate Drafting for all the benefits of enterprise PLM in a 2D environment. Interoperability with Pro/ENGINEER means that teams can publish their models from CoCreate Modeling 16.5 to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 or later.

According to PTC, the value of ProductView for CoCreate is that it allows anyone in the enterprise to leverage the value of CoCreate models through viewing, visualization, markup, and interaction with CoCreate data. Arbortext IsoDraw, on the other hand, is said to help companies automate the process of creating and updating technical illustrations and animations directly from their CoCreate models. Mathcad integration will help companies create and document engineering-critical values for their CoCreate models as well as capture the intellectual property surrounding engineering calculations.

Closer integration with PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER NC and tooling solutions means that CoCreate users can now create simple or complex machining toolpaths from CoCreate part data. Changes made to the CAD model can be made associatively and propagated to downstream NC deliverables, according to PTC.

The new CoCreate Advanced Mechanica solution provides extended simulation capabilities for  complex, real-life scenarios and simulation requirements. It is said to significantly improve verification and validation processes beyond the capabilities of CoCreate FE (finite element) Analysis. A standalone CAE product, CoCreate Advanced Mechanica complements CoCreate FE Analysis by providing such analysis capabilities as nonlinear deformation, transient thermal, vibration, and failure analysis for such real-world conditions as rigid or weighted links, hyper-elasticity, elastoplastic, anisotropic, orthotropic, composite laminates, advanced springs, and preloaded bolt fasteners.

"PTC is committed to further developing and enhancing the explicit modeling approach," said Brian Shepherd, PTC’s executive vice president, product development, in a press release. "We have extended value to customers by tightly integrating CoCreate solutions into the PTC Product Development System."

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