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Collaboration Tool Enables Viewing and Configuration

By Anthony J. Lockwood

IronCAD Compose.

IronCAD, LLC (Atlanta, GA) has announced the availability of IronCAD Compose, a stand-alone 3D viewer and configuration tool that allows users to collaborate, share, and work with 3D design data. Since IronCAD Compose is a stand-alone application, both IronCAD users and users of other CAD systems can share data with internal and external stakeholders as well as prospects. IronCAD Compose is available for download as a free licensed product.

IronCAD Compose, says the company, delivers users the ability to manipulate models and assemblies in 3D, interrogate solid geometry, and make changes to a design’s structure and assembly, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. In addition to its 3D viewing capabilities for use in manufacturing, marketing, and other departments outside of design, IronCAD Compose can be used by, for example, sales engineers as a point-of-sale configuration and demonstration tool. Users have the ability to drag and drop parts as well as scale and manipulate parts within a scene. This functionality gives users the tools to create one-of-a-kind, customer-specific assemblies, according to the company. Users can also take measurements and interrogate file structures.

IronCAD Compose.

IronCAD reports that, because IronCAD Compose includes the company’s SmartAssembly technology, users can also build rules and intelligence into parts from the outset of the configuration process. This intelligence, says the company, enables the program to produce output such as the pricing information for a proposal. IronCAD Compose also incorporates IronCAD’s catalog structure and TriBall positioning tool. Presentations with fly-through motions can be created with the software’s real-time, photorealistic rendering and animation tools.

IronCAD Compose can open and manipulate all standard IronCAD file formats. Additionally, it can open files from such mainstream CAD systems as CATIA, Creo, Inventor, and SolidWorks when equipped with an optional add-on translator, according to the company.

IronCAD Compose.

“We have seen a growing demand for this type of product from our user base over recent years,” stated Richard Serna, vice president of sales at IronCAD in a press statement. “]IronCAD Compose] enables them to take the design to the prospect, providing a powerful way to get buy-in upfront. ]It] also ensure]s] that the requirements are fed back to the manufacturing team accurately and quickly.”

Available for download as a free licensed product, IronCAD Compose is also included in the trial version of the full IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite. The software comes with integrated video tutorials. The company reports that it has a number of apps and tools for mobile platforms under development. For complete details on IronCAD Compose, visit IronCAD LLC.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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