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COMSOL Announces Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

By DE Editors

COMSOL Announces Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

COMSOL has releases the Chemical Reaction Engineering Module. This new module is built on the COMSOL platform to create a single environment where engineers and scientists obtain studies of material transport and chemical reactions of an assortment of chemistries under different operating conditions.

Users can simulation reaction systems ranging from micro-reactors in biotechnology to unit operations in chemical processes and gain knowledge early in the development phase.

"The Chemical Reaction Engineering Module is suitable for a diverse range of product and process development applications," says Henrik von Schenk, chemical engineering product manager with COMSOL. "It’s particularly useful in the design of sensors for analytical instruments as well as for designing catalysts and filters in automotive exhaust systems. The Chemical Reaction Engineering Module will be especially valuable when developing products and processes in industries like consumer products, fine and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and bulk chemicals."

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Module, which combines functionality of two earlier modules, the Chemical Engineering Module and the Reaction Engineering Module, uses the re-engineered COMSOL version 4 architecture to deliver new functionality. With the new module, engineers and scientists can investigate chemical reactions under the controlled conditions of mixed systems in laboratory studies. Since reactions are directly accessible in a single interface, users can study the influence of multiple concentration and temperature variations in real operating conditions.

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Module is compliant with CAPE-OPEN standards for modeling, simulating, and designing the operations of chemical processes. Additionally, it has the ability to read CHEMKINŽ files, which define complete reacting systems, including physical and thermodynamic properties, for combustion, atmospheric chemistry, and other gas-phase reacting systems.

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Module is available for the Windows, Linux, and the Macintosh operating systems.

For more information, visit COMSOL.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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