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Concepts NREC Collaborates with Sigma Technology of Moscow

By DE Editors

Concepts NREC (White River Junction, VT), a world leader in turbomachinery design and development, engineering, design/analysis and manufacturing software, announced it has entered into a collaborative agreement with Sigma Technology (Moscow, Russia), international provider of the indirect optimization method based on self-organization (IOSO Technology), to jointly develop an interface between the two companies’ software products for turbomachinery applications.

This interface means the combination of an advanced and well proven optimization code with an established and broad array of design and analysis turbomachinery codes will enable designers to reduce design cycle times while providing enhanced performance turbomachinery stages and systems. Interfacing IOSO with the AGILE suite of codes will allow designers of turbomachinery products to analyze and optimize their designs quickly and comprehensively, then export data for manufacturing within days rather than weeks and months and with the ability to generate and evaluate many thousands of what-if design alternatives across all technical disciplines within turbomachinery stage and system design.

IOSO is a multi-disciplinary design optimization software developed by Sigma Technology that runs on Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux to improve the performance of complex systems and technological processes and to develop new materials based on what-if scenarios for arriving at optimal parameters.

The AGILE Engineering Design System (AGILE), developed by Concepts NREC, is a commercially available turbomachinery design system that encompasses the complete engineering process: engineering, design, and machining. Integrated elements of the system include preliminary design and sophisticated analysis tools, including rapid computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and rotor dynamics.

For more information, go to IOSO Technology, a trademark of Sigma Technology, CJSC or Concepts NREC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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