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Contex Updates Nextimage Software

By DE Editors

Contex has announced the release of Nextimage version 2, an update to the company’s imaging software. The latest update includes new accounting capabilities that allow users to track and report on scanner activities by department, project, and user name. Users can also track the types of scans produced, such as color or grayscale scans, resolution, file name, and printers used.

Other features include multi-page file support and click-free scanning. These features let users batch scan a mix of documents, edit, and reorder the images into a single PDF or TIFF file. Click-free multi-page scanning automatically scans documents without clicking a button.

Additional new features in Nextimage version 2 include integrated printer drivers and one-touch buttons. One-touch buttons customize the scanner’s behavior for individuals’ needs, which enables users to program a shared scanner for walk-up users or for those connected over a network.

Contex now offers Nextimage software in three editions: Nextimage MFP, Nextimage Scan + Archive, and Nextimage Repro. Touch-screen compatible, Nextimage MFP has basic scan and copy features. It centralizes imaging tasks into one interface for scanning, copying, and printing in color, grayscale, and B/W.

Nextimage Scan + Archive provide real-time image adjustments, and also allow users to check scan quality with a single click. The software provides multi-page file support, job-accounting, and scan-tracking and supports ICC and closed-loop color copying. Nextimage Repro adds full-featured copy and print functionality to the Scan + Archive edition and includes a touch-screen interface.

For more information, visit Contex.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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