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Control Data from Prototype to Production

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Arena Solutions (Foster City, CA), a provider of cloud-based bill of materials (BOM) and change management software, has announced the launch of Arena PartsList and Arena PDXViewer. Both new applications give engineers more control over prototyping projects and make it easier for manufacturers to share product data throughout prototyping and production processes, according to the company. Using PartsList and PDXViewer together, engineers can import designs from ECAD, automatically complete documentation, then share completed BOMs or PDX (Product Data eXchange) build packages with document control, purchasing, or perspective vendors.

Image courtesy of Arena Solutions.

“We already offer a scalable product that whole organizations and their supply chains can use to centralize BOMs, manage product changes and revisions and securely share up-to-date product information,” says Steve Chalgren, vice president of product management and strategy for Arena Solutions in a press statement. With the addition of PartsList and PDXViewer, “]we are] extending the benefits of the cloud to a wider audience by creating products that can help OEMs ]original equipment manufacturers] document and share their designs with CMs ]contract manufacturers] earlier in the process. With PartsList and PDXViewer, startups and small tech companies finally have a way to get up and running with no set up costs and no hassle.”

PartsList is a lightweight BOM documentation management app intended to make it easier to create and share simple BOMs quickly. PartsList can also be used for comparison shopping for critical components or for creating new BOMs from reference designs.

Image courtesy of Arena Solutions.

PartsList operates by converting any list of parts into a purchasable BOM, which you can then share with anyone in the process chain. It stores data sheets, sourcing info, and part information together in context, which is said to eliminate confusion as you build a parts list. You can map columns from your ECAD BOM to corresponding PartsList columns then import your ECAD BOMs as CSV files directly. With its autofill feature, you can complete documentation for an ECAD or spreadsheet BOM or collect data sheets for a list of parts in a single click, says the company. PartsList exports BOMs to CSV or PDX format.

Other features include a bookmark functionality to capture critical component information during online research, and the ability to create and organize any number of parts lists. PartsList supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows Internet Explorer 9 using Google Chrome Frame.

Image courtesy of Arena Solutions.

Arena PDXViewer is a free, cloud-based application for viewing, sharing, and filtering detailed BOMs, PDX build packages, and quote packages with your supply chain. With it, you can view parts, AML/AVL (approved manufacturers list / approved vendors list), and related files as well as view a top-level assembly or drill down to components and subassemblies. Filtering capabilities include the ability to break up build packages into supplier-specific part bundles, or you can remove unwanted or private files, items, contract manufacturers, and contacts from a build package.

“Whether you’re a large business or two guys in a garage, the success of your product depends on your ability to manage it from prototype to production,” said Ken Bozzini, chief financial officer for Arena Solutions in a press release. “By launching this new solution at a lower price point, we hope to encourage small manufacturers to adopt the tools they need to get their products to market on time and at cost.”

Arena PartsList costs $9 per month. For complete details on it and on Arena PDXViewer, go to Arena Solutions or use the links below.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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