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Controller Enhances 3D Productivity

By DE Editors

On April 4, 3Dconnexion(Los Gatos, CA), a Logitech company, announced its new SpacePilot,which, says the company, is the first 3D motion controller that sensesand adapts to the user’s application and workflow.

SpacePilot, says 3Dconnexion, brings to market technology developedafter extensive research into CAD and animation user workflows. Itprovides rapid, single-key access to frequent application commandsthrough function speed keys. These function keys feature LCD-basedlabeling that dynamically updates based on a given application andfunction. You can organize these keys into multiple banks, andswitching among banks gives you access to an unlimited number of keys.The SpacePilot also has keys labeled for common functions acrossprofessional 3D applications such as keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Shift,Alt, and Esc), standard orthographic views, and the fit function.

SpacePilot uses auto-sensing technology to sense the currentapplication and then set the controller’s navigation and thefunctionality of its keys accordingly. Speed keys adapt to a change inthe application as well as to specific tasks within the application.

For example, in some applications during part modeling mode you haveaccess to one set of functions. As you switch to assembly mode, theSpacePilot will switch to a different set of functions, which aredisplayed on the LCD. Thus, if you are using SolidWorks, the functionkeys automatically sense the SolidWorks mode, map applicable functionsto the speed keys, and display the mapping on the LCD.

The SpacePilot supports more than 100 analysis, design, manufacturing,and content creation applications, such as CATIA, ProE/Mechanica, andUnigraphics. It is available immediately through 3Dconnexion’sresellers and distributors.

For more details, go to the 3Dconnexion website.



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