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Coolit v.13 CFD Solver Now 20 Times Faster

Daat Research’s Coolit v.13 CFD thermal software for electronics incorporates a new solver that delivers results up to 20 times faster than before, the company says.

“Large problems with tens of millions of cells used to take one to two days to compute,” said Arik Dvinsky, Daat Research’s CEO and chief technology officer. “Now they are done in just a few hours.”

Smaller problems in the range of a few million cells likewise benefit from the solver breakthrough, but at a somewhat lower time savings of typically two to three times, according to the company.

The solution also has a faster preprocessor, so that both importing models from CAD and building them in Coolit takes less time. This has been achieved by further optimizing and parallelizing the preprocessor. Along with speed improvements, v.13 improves CAD import quality, optimizes mesh cell distribution, and enhances graphics display.

For more information, visit Daat Research.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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