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Cortus Announces FPS6 32-bit Floating Point Microcontroller IP Core

By DE Editors

Cortus has released the high performance, high throughput FPS6 processor with integrated floating point. This processor IP is designed for integration into SoCs requiring high floating point performance: for example industrial control systems, motor control, power and energy applications. The FPS6 can be implemented in dual- or quad-core configurations or be used in a heterogeneous system with APS3.

This is the second member of the Cortus microcontroller IP core family to be released, complementing the smaller, ultra-low-power APS3. The FPS6 instruction set is a superset of that of APS3, so APS3 code can run on FPS6.

The FPS6 delivers 30.5 MFlops for the Linpack benchmark (single precision at 333 MHz for 10 reps) providing what the company describes as an advantage over an integer processor core. The FPS6 integer unit performance is 1.93 CoreMarks/MHz and 1.67 DMIPS/MHz. For fixed point digital signal processing it is possible to add the APS DSP Co-processor to FPS6. The DSP co-processor works with 16-bit data and has a 20-bit accumulator.

A full development environment (for C and C++) is available, which can be customized and branded for final customer use. For the most demanding designs the FPS6 can be used in a multi-core configuration.

For more information, visit Cortus.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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