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Covisint to Offer PROSTEP AG’s Data Transfer Application

By DE Editors

Covisint will globally offer PROSTEP AG’s data transfer application, OpenDXM GlobalX, through Covisint ExchangeLink.

OpenDXM GlobalX, offered through Covisint AppCloud, will provide its data transfer functionality to Covisint’s large manufacturing ecosystem. Covisint’s AppCloud, part of Covisint ExchangeLink, is a platform-as-a-service offering that brings together applications for a variety of industries—including manufacturing and health care—using a multi-vendor ecosystem approach.

"We are excited that PROSTEP has chosen Covisint as its technology partner," says David McGuffie, Covisint president and COO. "Accessing applications, such as OpenDXM GlobalX, with speed and security can provide a competitive advantage to manufacturing organizations. AppCloud was developed due to the high demand in the marketplace to reduce the complexity of accessing applications required for conducting business. With AppCloud, Covisint is uniquely positioned to bring best-of-breed solutions to users’ desktops in its global manufacturing ecosystem, thereby increasing the speed of accessing applications for end-users, and shortening the sales cycle for application providers."

Covisint OEM and Supplier Collaboration Services offer cloud-based, on-demand connectivity and communication to 300,000 users at 30,000 locations in 88 countries worldwide. OpenDXM GlobalX is designed for the automated, reliable, and secure exchange and conversion of engineering data. It helps exchange engineering data inside an organization or across the extended enterprise.

"We are pleased to offer our OpenDXM GlobalX application through the Covisint platform due to its vast size and established user base," says Bernd Pätzold, CEO of PROSTEP AG. "It will provide rapid exposure of our solution to this community and easy access through single sign-on. This is of tremendous benefit to those companies that strive to streamline processes, reduce time for product development and minimize staff size to remain competitive."

For more information, visit PROSTEP AG and Covisint.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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