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Cradle Releases CADthru V5

By DE Editors

CADthru V5, the latest version of the Software Cradle data translation tool for converting CAD geometry data into CFD-compatible quality formats, has been released.

CADthru V5 automates many of the tedious steps often required to repair CAD geometrical and topological defects that are artifacts of the CAD process.
New features of CADthru V5 include two new enhanced MDL wizards and improved automation accuracy that is designed to enable easier and faster creation of CFD-compatible geometries.
In addition to the conventional MDL Wizard (CADthru V4 compatible), MDL Wizard 2 (SCTprime compatible) has been introduced. MDL Wizard 2 enables interactive definition of isolated edges, multi-fold layered  edges, and multi-fold faces.

With the enhanced MDL Wizard, skewed facets, intersecting faces, isolated edges, and multi-fold layered edges can be automatically repaired. Faceting features for faces with large curvature are automatically determined.

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