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Cranes Software Releases eta/VPGTM 3.4 Finite Element Modeling Software

By DE Editors

Cranes Software has released its finite element modeling software eta/VPG Version 3.4. This version features the debut of integrated linear static and Eigen value modules from the FEA software suite NISA, which allows users to create and visualize advanced simulations within the eta/VPG environment.

eta/VPG aims to provide product development engineers with the most accurate and complete simulations for insight into their designs. The latest release includes 63 new or improved functions, as well as the availability of the NISA solver.  New features include additional meshing tools that allow engineers to develop meshes on complex surfaces, as well as a new capability to import and export basic ANSYS model formats.

eta/VPG’s PrePost module allows users to create complex finite element models faster. It offers an advanced toolset, auto-meshing tools, and automated spotweld generation within a zero-text-editing environment.

For mechanical system analysis, the eta/VPG/Structure module includes tools to simulate road surfaces and tire models, as well as analyze vehicle dynamics, system and component durability and noise vibration and harshness (NVH) using LS-DYNA.  

The eta/VPG/Safety module is used in the automotive industry for the modeling of vehicle impact analysis with a crash tool library, allowing for accurate vehicle impact, occupant safety and airbag simulations.

The Drop Test and ALE/FSI modules complete the vertical application tools within eta/VPG.  The drop test functions are used for consumer electronics quality and packaging analysis. The ALE/FSI module is used primarily in military applications for the simulation of blasts and development of blast resistant vehicles.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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